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[MOD] Community Guidelines

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In order for everyone to enjoy this community to its full potential, please observe the following community rules. It makes Changmin sad if you don't.

posting regulations


⟼ Use an LJ-Cut when posting a picspam.
⟼ Preview images should have a width of 500px or less to maintain the post's layout.


⟼ Upload pictures to image-hosting sites like Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic.
⟼ When using image-hosting sites like Photobucket, please ensure your account remains active for pictures to be seen. Also, moving photos between albums on Photobucket may cause links to break, resulting in pictures not appearing.
⟼ For a full list of image-hosting sites, please click here.
⟼ Please post picspams on the community journal, and refrain from cross-posting from external journals (This is due to the event that some external journals are friend-locked, and would diminish the enjoyment of others).


⟼ This is a DBSK picspam community, but it is not restricted to only DBSK members. We allow pictures of DBSK members with other celebrities/artistes e.g. Label-mates Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee etc. to be included. The entries are then required to be tagged relevantly (see 'FOUR').
⟼ Pictures may be posted freely, although we strongly encourage that thematic posting be done, e.g. 'DBSK in suits', 'Yoochun's hairstyles', 'Yunjae abs' and the list goes on. We leave it to your creativity. Feel free to include poetry/texts/captions that you find appropriate.
⟼ Posting of fan art, photo-manipulations (manips), photoshopped pictures are also allowed. However, graphics depicting/containing nudity, sexual references, gore, and other un-pleasantries should be/have
  1. Kept under LJ-Cut
  2. Posted as a 'Members Only' entry (member-locked)
  3. Screened for Adult Content
  4. Tagged relevantly (see 'FOUR')
  5. A 'not work-safe' (NSFW) warning in the entry title


⟼ When posting, always tag posts relevantly. Click here for a list of tags and click here for how to properly tag your entries.


⟼ If you would like to use pictures in the posts for other sites, as mentioned, do not hotlink.
⟼ If the pictures are being used for macros/graphics, please credit back to this community in this format: <original poster's username> @ pictureof_you .
⟼ Specifically for graphics, if the watermarks/tags on the pictures are being removed, please also credit the original source in this way: Original Source: <insert fansite/source url>

play nice, and everyone's happy.

⟼ This community is for everybody's enjoyment, and we are aware that while we all like DBSK, we may like some members more than other members. Please refrain from bashing the members of your lower preference and those who are more partial to these members. The DBSK members do not deserve to be judged, and neither does anyone who merely wishes to share his/her source of happiness.

⟼ Bottomline is, if you see anything you don't like, just scroll past it and pretend nothing happened.

⟼ In the event that you observe any community members bashing others, aka being a complete troll, please PM the mods or drop us an email at

the most important thing is not the size of your dick.

⟼ In all, we hope you enjoy your time here, and tell your friends about it! More people = more fun! :)

Leave a comment here if you have any questions :)
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