charlie. (clothed) wrote in pictureof_you,

omg this place is screaming for an update D:

helloooooo lovely people~ i hope everyone is well and enjoying life much more than i have been HAHA. anyway, this comm would be awfully dead if not for the fact that martianqueen has her awesome picspam moods, but today i bring gifts for everyone! 

as part of living up to the name of a self-declared homin stan, this is a(nother) homin gifspam. however this time, the gifs are made by ME :) please enjoy it, and don't worry about right-click-saving, there is a download link at the end of the post :)

the usual rules about hotlinking apply, and please do not take these gifs and watermark them and claim them as your own. i do not watermark my gifs, so please at least respect the effort I put in.

download: mediafire
this is for your personal use and not for mass distribution.

Tags: media: gif, pairing: yunho/changmin, rating: pg-13, theme: 이것만은 알고 가
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