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Soulmates never die... (Jaechun Picspam)

Garment sharers; tattoo bearers; best friends; Soulmates; Jaechun.

Yoosu may be my favorite couple (ever!) but I have a lot of love for this couple. I think anyone who has an appreciation for true friendship, does too.

I'm so glad they have each other. The closeness they share is beautiful. They are lovely individuals that obviously can be strong when needed, but (even in my short time of being a DBSK fan I've learned that) they've both been through hardships and I think that if they have one another when times are tough, they're stronger than anyone can imagine. Together they're a treasure!

Enough rambling onto the photos!

~COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ project~

~Award Ceremonies~

~Live Performances/ on stage~

~Couple Talks~




Bonus: Matching~


Always keep the faith

Second Chest Tattoo

Dress shirt

Same bed ;D lol

For anyone that may want it: Download zip HERE (1st time uploading a compressed folder, I hope I did it right ;;)

I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY REPEATS THERE MAY BE. I'll do a separate post for Jaechun gifs~ 8D
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